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Classic "Jungala" Oci's... Most people have heard about the spotted Ocicats but never hear about the Classic "Jungala" Oci's. You probably won't find a picture of one on a web site because breeders are allowed to breed with them, however, they cannot exhibit them. Our Ocicat CFA standard was written for spotted Oci's only and there's three additional incredible patterns in the Oci breed, classic "Jungala," solid's, and smokes. Classic tabby Ocicat, in New Zealand it’s called a Jungala cat? Just as the breed name Ocicat (‘Oci’) was derived from the Ocelot cat’s name, a central American spotted "wild" or "jungle" cat, the New Zealand name "Jungala" is likewise taken from the Sanskrit word for "Jungle."

The so called ‘Jungala’ is an Ocicat without spots. Or more precisely, a cat of Ocicat genetics expressing only a Classic Tabby pattern. The type conformation and personality are exactly the same as an Ocicat, but the pattern must conform to that of the classic tabby pattern of the American Short-hair, used to bring in the exquisite silver colors. Oci-Classic's have a large circle bulls-eye on each side of the torso broadly outlined with a gorgeous contrasting color and they do have spotted tummies. Spotted kittens are very nice, but the classic’s coloration is breathtakingly luxurious resembling exceptional colorful velvet, truly a vibrant out-of-the-ordinary color combo. They are highly prized for their striking beauty. This classic pattern has long been admired for its magnificent swirls and apparent bulls eye.

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